Extreme Cloud IQ Migration

Would you like to see Zero-risk migration to Cloud wireless?

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Toranet are working closely with Extreme Networks to maximise the lifespan of WiNG wireless networks.

We are committed to making the most of your investment by maximising the reliability, security and performance of your current deployment. That puts you in a strong position to bring a new generation of Wifi-6E APs to your deployment.


We understand that most environments cannot afford problems with the wireless.

WiFi is essential infrastructure now. Therefore can you really afford to risk a “big-bang” replacement of the entire estate? It is well known that there are always client issues with new deployments, some minor but some can be real show-stoppers.

A big-bang approach offers no rollback mechanism, so any major issues are here to stay until they are reported, identified, replicated, and the support processes have resolved. Toranet has first-hand experience of such issues, having been recommended and enlisted to assist and resolve such issues.

This challenge often marks beginning of a long-term relationship between Toranet and customer.


Optimising your current wireless networking is a great first step to any such migration, to make the best of your existing investment, before the next steps.

How Toranet can help

Toranet understands these conflicting pressures and risks, and have therefore developed a series of processes which will enable you to migrate from Extreme’s WiNG controller-based model to their cloud-based management solution, XIQ. These processes ensure that any and all risks are understood and mitigated with suitable strategies.

XIQ provides you with intuiutive full-blown network management, (no need for that expensive network management host gathering dust in the corner). Rapid deployment of secure WLANs is now possible and with streamlined analytics, gives you great visibility of your estate.

XIQ also has extensive support for 3rd party switches, such as Cisco or HP, Aruba, etc.

See the article Top Ten Reasons for XIQ.

Enterprise BYOD & Onboarding

Manage BYOD, and enterprise device onboarding onto secure 802.1x networks at scale

Wi-Fi for all Enviroments

No matter the location Wi-Fi can be suited to any enviroment, ensuring conectivity where it’s needed most

Reliable Coverage

Provide total coverage, making reliable network that end-users don’t even notice