The Toranet approach is one of maintaining close relations with our customers, and providing them with the right level of support to match their needs. Some customers need more help with this than others, and this is learned by both parties as the relationship develops. Many of Toranet’s relationships with customers span 10 years or more, and we aim to achieve this with all of our customers where possible.

We therefore offer Toracare as part of the solution as a specifically Toranet-resourced level of support above and beyond that provided by the manufacturer. In the vast majority of support calls, for example, Toranet has provided the resolution to the issue without recourse to the manufacturer’s support desk. This provides a benefit to the manufacturer and highlights Toranet as a partner with great expertise, and worthy of recommendation to other potential clients.

It also benefits the customers by saving the time and effort of engaging with the manufacturer’s technical assistance centre (TAC), which can be a difficult and time-consuming process (as anyone who has called a call centre will know).

The manufacturer TAC centre is still used as a resource where the issue is a software bug, or a physical RMA is required. Toranet also provide our technical expertise in issues outside of the solution if required. This gives our customer base the opportunity to discuss their requirements or issues outside of a formal setting but with a technical mind which is aware of their own environment and specific needs. Some of our customers find this aspect of the relationship to be one of the most valuable as it is an opportunity to sanity-check any ideas or issues either within or outside of the scope of the Toranet provided solution.

How Toranet can help

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Enterprise BYOD & Onboarding

Manage BYOD, and enterprise device onboarding onto secure 802.1x networks at scale

Wi-Fi for all Enviroments

No matter the location Wi-Fi can be suited to any enviroment, ensuring conectivity where it’s needed most

Reliable Coverage

Provide total coverage, making reliable network that end-users don’t even notice