Reliable Wireless

Every engineer who supports wireless LANs knows that when a user has an issue they always advise that “the Wi-Fi is broken/slow/unreliable”. Every engineer also knows that in 99% of cases that is simply not true, but that’s how it is. 7 Signal is what every WLAN owner needs.

1. Data Platform

The 7 Signal data platform collects data from the wireless networks and presents it in a coherent and reportable format to identify issues and trends. If there are intermittent issues, then the only way to identify them is with historical data. The two data collection methods provide for almost every circumstance to identify and resolve wireless issues, or to prove that the WLANs are providing a known service level according to pre-defined SLAs, and send the report automatically on a weekly basis.

2. Performance monitoring client for mobile device

There is no better way to monitor any wireless network than as a client device. 7 Signal have invented “Sapphire Eye” – a hardware device which acts both as a client to your WLANs, and as a spectrum analyser. It will test your WLAN and every step between client and the targets they need for normal operations. Placed in appropriate locations for the WLAN, with a target system either in the Data Centre or in the Cloud, the end-to-end performance can be monitored as frequently as needed. Therefore all steps are tested, timed and logged, from spectrum analysis to association, authentication all the way through to the target systems. Thus any issue reported by any WLAN user can be checked against recent history and many aspects of the WLAN can be immediately eliminated. Ask us how we can help you get this unique level of visibility.

3. Performance monitoring for end-user WLANs

The same applies to the users’ experience. The Sapphire Eye is great at analysing, monitoring and emulating the user experience for every available WLAN every minute of every day, but usually from a static location. Most users are mobile, and may experience wireless from a number of different locations, therefore 7 Signal created “Mobile Eye” which provides Wi-Fi data from the clients’ perspectives. One significant new use for such a mechanism is to support enterprise users who are now working remotely. The IT Support team have no view of the remote worker’s wireless or broadband environment, neighbouring WLAN services, channel allocations, band usage etc. Mobile Eye can give the central support team a unique view of the user’s wireless environment and give the data needed to resolve issues without the need to visit all users.

How Toranet can help

Toranet has extensive technology expertise with the 7-Signal product range. Please click HERE if you would like to discuss how 7-Signal can help monitor and improve your environment.

Enterprise BYOD & Onboarding

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Wi-Fi for all Enviroments

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