Mobile Computing

Toranet’s ongoing partnership with Zebra enables us to deliver innovative solutions to our customers. These solutions can make a real difference to organisations looking to improve performance, enhance productivity and streamline operations.

Zebra’s integrated voice, data and scanning mobile computing products fit perfectly into a multitude of workflows. From tablets and wireless scanners to wearable tech and head-mounted displays.

Due to the extensive experience of Toranet in the area of mobile computing in the logistics industry, including significant time with ‘boots on the ground’ consulting with both business leads and the day-to-day end users, we are in a perfect position to implement the best solution for any environment.

Modernise your warehouse apps

‘Green Screen’ Telnet is the ubiquitous and default app that is used in warehouse management systems client devices. That has been the case for many years, and improvements have therefore been small and marginal. Changing this is understood to be a massive challenge. Intergrating with state of the art apps such as Staylinked Evolve will allow modern user workflows using the latest scanners and displays, all without changing any backend WMS systems.

How Toranet can help

Toranet has had a long-standing partnership with Zebra communications with extensive technical expertise, and a wide range of services and vertical industry knowledge to market, sell and support their industry-leading solutions. We can supply, configure, integrate and support a mobile computing system. From advising on the right kit for the right job to handling any repairs, and all the bits in between. We have experience in multiple different workflows, such as mobile scanning for stock management, vehicle-mounted remote terminals and body-worn scanners, audio equipment and visual HUDs.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how Toranet can help to improve the user experience and maximise productivity.

Enterprise BYOD & Onboarding

Manage BYOD, and enterprise device onboarding onto secure 802.1x networks at scale

Wi-Fi for all Enviroments

No matter the location Wi-Fi can be suited to any enviroment, ensuring conectivity where it’s needed most

Reliable Coverage

Provide total coverage, making reliable network that end-users don’t even notice