Mobile Computing

The importance of Mobile Computing

Mobile computing is the life blood of a modern logistics system. From stock management, colleague organisation and customer interactions, a fully functioning Mobile Computing setup is key.

While an essential tool, mobile computers need to seamlessly perform the job at hand without added complexity and overhead.

Superfluous workflows, connection gremlins and complicated interfaces can slow down productivity, increase training costs and leave a feeling of frustration.

Hardware and Software: A harmonious solution

Although Mobile Computing is often seen as a single solution there can often be a disconnect between the hardware and software used.

All it takes is a single weak link, from misconfigured software or unsuitable hardware to bring down a whole solution. Matching the hardware and software capabilities is key to a harmonious and long-lasting solution.

The ‘bigger picture’ must always be taken into account when developing a soultion. From the physical environment, to software integration.

How Toranet can help

Toranet have a vast array of experience supporting Mobile Computing solutions, from hardware and software setup, management and integration.

We can provide devices perfectly suited to any environment, from lightweight hand held scanners, wireless voice picking and vehicle mounted terminals.

Incorporating modern software into established backend systems allowing increased accurate workflows while still supporting legacy equipment.

Toranet can provide vendor agnostic expertise to help troubleshoot and improve existing systems, and Due to Toranets skillsets, including Mobile Computing hardware and Software, Wi-Fi and LAN infrastructure, and backend integrations we are perfectly placed to help with any new or existing Mobile Computing project.

We understand the importance of a Mobile Computing solution interfacing correctly with all other aspects of a modern business. Contact us to discuss.

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