Ruckus Cloudpath

Cloudpath Enrollment System is a software/SaaS platform that delivers secure wired and wireless network access for BYOD, guest users and IT-owned devices. It streamlines getting devices on the network and secures every connection with powerful encryption. Cloudpath software gives you granular policy control over what network resources users can access. It lets you deliver a great end-user experience and virtually eliminates helpdesk tickets related to network access. Choose from cloud-based or virtualised on-premises deployment. Cloudpath software supports any user, any device and any network infrastructure.

Protect your network and your data with powerful security features

Cloudpath software secures network connections with WPA-2/WPA-3 Enterprise—the strongest authentication and encryption standards for secure Wi-Fi. The system encrypts data in transit between the device and Wi-Fi access points for maximum security. It lets you define and manage policies for role based access—users only see the resources they should see. You gain visibility and control over what devices are on the network, and the power to revoke access at any time. A device posture check with remediation during onboarding ensures that only devices with appropriate security safeguards in place gain access.

Get BYOD users connected without IT intervention

The sheer volume and diversity of devices that require network access can cause headaches for IT departments.

What if BYODusers could self-provision their devices with intuitive self-service workflows? With the simple onboarding portal in Cloudpath software, they connect quickly and easily—without IT intervention. BYOD users initially gain access with existing login credentials. The system installs a digital certificate on the device so that users authenticate seamlessly from that point forward without having to re-enter a Wi-Fi password.

How Toranet can help

Toranet has extensive technology expertise with the Ruckus Cloudpath platform. Please contact us if you would like to discuss how Cloudpath can help secure your environment.

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